Custom Bikes & Wheel builds

Custom Bike Builds

The ultimate bike is the one that you build yourself . . . or have us build for you.

Building a custom bike allows you to specify every detail about your new bike. It also allows you to use high-end framesets that are not available as complete bikes, or to get a frameset with custom geometry to fit you better than any off-the-shelf bike. With a custom bike build you are also guaranteed that you bike has been lovingly and carefully assembled the way only a small pro shop can.

In addition to the cost of parts, the charge for a Custom Bike Build is $150 and includes:



•Bottom bracket and headset facing

•Bottom bracket thread chasing

Custom Wheel Builds

Unfortunately in our industrialized world most bicycle wheels these days are made by machines. Consequently, they are heavier than they need to be, and not as strong as they could be. If you want  great wheels, your best bet is to have us hand-build a set for you.

Why are wheels important?
Wheels are arguably the most important component on your bike. They have to be strong since they are in contact with the ground and are first inline to absorb the impact from potholes and the like. If you want to go fast, they also have to be light. Because wheels are always spinning they are subject to centripetal forces which multiplies their weight; this means that if you save a few grams on your wheels, you will notice their absence a lot more than if you had saved them elsewhere on your bike. Light wheels accelerate noticeably faster and will do more to make your bike feel faster than other upgrades. They also need to be aerodynamic, since their rims and all of those spokes are constantly slicing though wind.

We can build wheels to suit your very specialized needs. If are getting wheels for your tandem, strength may be your main concern. If they are for your Tri-bike, then it may be all about aerodynamics, or if you want a special hill-climbing bike, then we can build you the lightest possible tubular wheels. Whatever it is we can do it. Come in and see us, and we can help advise you on building the best set of wheels for you application.

Custom wheels building cost $45 per wheel plus parts and includes a one year limited warranty against manufacturing defects and free truing the first year. 

Custom Casati frame and paint option.

Custom Casati frame and paint option.