About Us

A brief history of Ipro

International Pro Bike shop was established in 1972 by renowned cyclist and triathlete Pete DiSalvo in the back of the Kettering bike shop to service a small but growing racing / high-end market. Pete imported components and exotic frames directly from Europe that were unavailable in the states. He soon moved into his own location, officially opened International Pro Bike Shop, and started a mail order business. Several years later, in 1984, Pete moved the shop to its current location in Bellbrook, Ohio. Due to a changing market and competition from large mail order businesses, Pete ended his catalog, but his commitment to high-end equipment and service continued. As the shop grew, its inventory expanded, and it gained a few more employees.

Roger Schroeder joined the crew in 1991 as a mechanic. In 1999, he became manager and returned the shop’s philosophy to its roots of offering only high end service and parts. Roger now handles all aspects of the shop, from management to sales and repairs. His service is noted as the best in the Midwest as his extensive knowledge and experience combine to help each customer find the best possible fit in a new bicycle or to keep his or her old bicycle running strong. Roger also keeps his inventory packed with some of the most exciting and innovative cycling products on the planet to assure that your next visit will elicit some jaw-dropping.

International Pro Bike Shop is proud to say that some things never change. After over 30 years in the business, we're still the best place to find bikes that you can't find anywhere else and also one of the few places where the man behind the counter is obsessed with (most) everything bicycles, and has years of riding, racing, and turning wrenches to prove it. If you're looking for something different, you've come to the right place.

    As of Oct 1st. 2009, Roger Schroeder became the new owner of International Pro Bike Shop! Be assured the philosophy of Ipro will stay the same.  Come along as we grow and improve the shop to provide the best in products and service.

The Pro difference

with over 30 years experience, Roger can find the best solutions and options to make this the best experience we can, whether it is a new bike, an upgrade to a bike you already own or for any maintenance your steed may need to keep it going strong.

Custom and stock build options

With Ipro, you can start with a stock frame or go full custom geometry for that one of a kind ride and performance! Make the bike of your dreams come true using the materials and components that fit you the best at the price you want.